What is the importance of goddess Kanaka Durga?


Kanaka_Durga_TempleKANAKA DURGA temple is a famous Hindu temple of goddess DURGA located on the banks of river Krishna. From return journey of Kasi rameswara northern pilgrimage people visit goddess DURGA.She is shown eight arms ,each holding a powerful weapon, standing posture over the demon Mahisasura and piercing him with her trident. To the left of goddess DURGA, GANESH statue is present. Ancient Padma bramanda says,

sloha Tanya darshana matrena palayamthe tipathaka

Indrakelasya durgambham stutvatam jagadambika

By visiting goddess DURGA every sin will run away.DURGA SLOKAS were written by Aadisankara and vidyaranya

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