Shani Trayodashi 2024 Date | What is the Importance of Shani Trayodashi ?


What is the Importance of Shani Trayodashi?

What is the Importance of Shani Trayodashi ?

1Shani Pradosha Vrat 2024

Jesta Sudha trayodashi,  This day belongs to lord shani and praying to him brings comfort to the individuals suffering from the malefic effect of the planet Saturn/Shani. This is a very auspicious day and praying to the lord on this auspicious day is considered as very beneficial. Because tithi, star, week and month which are in control of lord Shani and it falls on Saturday and it is called as Shani trayodashi. People undergoing the period of ardashtama sani, ashtama sani will perform remedial measures to nullify the negative effect of shani.

How to Observe Shani Trayodashi?

The Sanusha Kalam is between 6.30 to 7.30 tomorrow early morning (also called Shani hora) and not between 5:30-6:30. Doing Rudra Abhishekam during this time will give better benefits.

In the evening, “Pradosha time” which means the time between 5:30 to 6:30 is a good time to light a Diya with Sesame oil to obtain remarkable benefits.

  • Have to go through head bath before sunrise
  • Should chant Shani mantra
  • “Neelanjana sambasam ravi putram yamaagarjamChaya marthanda sambhutam tan namami sannescharam”
  • People should observe fast to please shani dev.
  • As a part of shani trayodashi pooja people should perform thailabhishekam.
  • To please shani dev tie some black grams , 100gms of ginger oil packet, 1-kilogram coal, a small black ribbon, 8 iron nails, some navadhanyams, and donate it to the temple priest or drop it in a running water source.
  • Offer food items to the crow and feed the needy person.
  • Do not purchase oil, umbrella, leather, navadhanyams.., etc on this Saturday.

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