What is the importance of touching elder’s feet?

Paada Namaskaaram
importance of touching elder’s feet

importance of touching elder’s feet

Hinduism is a fine blend of exquisite culture and traditions. There are many things to be followed which impart knowledge and hon humans to be better then ever. One of the custom which is vastly followed through out India is touching the feet of elders. Elders are the embodiment of fine knowledge and experience. Touching their feet is nothing less than prostrating gods and goddesses.

There is a process of performing paada namaskara to elders. One must bend down, touch right foot with right hand and left foot with left hand with utmost devotion and rendering. Then the elders will touch the head with their hand and bless. This is exactly how to prostrate to elders. This is called Hasta Mastaka Samyoga.

The power of their knowledge will pass through us this way. So it is considered as a holy act to prostrate to elders and touch their feet.

Jai Matangi Maa..


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