What is the myth behind quitting something you love/like after you visit Varanasi(Kashi)?


Why do elders suggest quitting something you like after visiting Kashi?

It is not mentioned anywhere in the ancient scriptures about the ritual of quitting or giving up on something you like when you visit Kashi. Without complete awareness, people created these myths.

The actual sacred writings explain the ritual of devotees doing “Kaaya Peksha Phala Peksha” during the holy bath in the river Ganga followed by Darshan of Lord Kasi Viswanath and leave to their home towns.

But the true meaning of Kaaya Peksha means – “leaving expectations on this body”, and Phala Peksha means – “Leaving expectations on your Karma Phal” summarizes that one should be on the Lord’s thoughts by worshipping him with true heart leaving all their expectations behind.

People circulated myths about sacrificing or quitting your favourite fruits or vegetables in Kashi to attain Moksha with passing the time. So, before visiting a holy place, it is important to know the significance and inner meaning of the rituals.

So, during your next visit to Kasi, sacrifice your expectations on this physical body and physical deeds to attain spiritual enlightenment. Complete your holy darshan with a true heart.

Jai Shri Ram Shubodayam !!

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