What is the procedure to do vinayaka chavithi pooja to get a good education?

vinayaka chavithi pooja

vinayaka chavithi pooja

Some students forget what they study though they work hard and are losing their valuable years of education. Some students will remain with backlogs. Such type of people should wake up early in the morning on the auspicious day of Vinayaka chavithi and offer a rudraksha mala, one small decorated flag which is venerated using uthareni sticks and red rose garland and the dishes made using lentils (kandulu), horse gram and dates should be offered to god.

Next, at Vishnu muhurta means the day time i.e.; around 12:23 to 12:55 we should donate the mornings Prasad, rudraksha mala, flag and red or gray colored towel to their grandfather (mother’s father) or any Brahmin and take their blessings. We should also take the Prasad and distribute it to the devotees. If there is no availability of members it is better to put the offerings to a cow. If possible it is superior to sleep on a mat instead of bed.

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