What is the reason behind celebrating the festival Dussehra?



Dasara festival 

What is the reason behind celebrating the festival Dussehra?

There will be a significant meaning and worthwhile cause behind the festival which we celebrate. But the teachers and the scholars who provoke such type of good things are being reduced day by day. ‘HariOme’ is doing its best to promote all these kinds of matters among us.


2. According to Astrology

According to astrology, we know that one of the causes of our spirit is fire, i.e., the sun. In this duration, the sun revolves in Virgo (Kanya Rashi). The sovereign of the zodiac Virgo is Lord Buddha who provides us knowledge, magical powers, and education. As the sun enters the zodiac Virgo our past births good deed results (punyam) gets reduced, we get depressed for small reasons, we get sick easily, and the inappropriate decisions makes our colleagues also enemies due to which we lose our peace of mind.

In this time we have to concern a good theorist or a scholar and know about the remedies and follow them correctly.

If we observe, we can find people facing with liver, gall bladder, digestive, skin problems or bad viral fever. Or the disease gets increased in that period who are already facing it.

Some members get distracted due to their co-partners and couldn’t accomplish the task on time.

One more surprising thing is that when we are reading the essay related to goddess we find shades of red and blue color on our body or around us.

అసలు దసరా పండుగను జరుపుకోవడములో గల వాస్తవ ఆంతర్యము ఏమిటి ?

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