What is the right size of Lord Ganesh Idol?


How big should the size of Lord Ganesh’s idol be? Can the idol be kept intact without being immersed ?? Should the idol we regularly worship be the size of our palm?? Should we keep the idol only till we complete the Vrat Vidhan?? 

The idol chosen for the Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrat should be made of clay. The idol can be made of clay, silver, and gold, as per studies. The Idols made of ore are not immersed and can be used again for worship. But, the scriptures say that an idol made of clay must be immersed without fail after worshipping. However, the idol we choose for this Bhadrapada Sudda Chaviti should be made out of clay. 

That is why it is mentioned as “Kruthva Mahimayim murthim” in the scriptures. This is called the earthly idol(Parthiva murti). Parthiva Lingarchana is also performed while worshipping Lord Shiva, and those linga’s will be immersed after puja. In the same way, a Parthiva Murti of Ganapati should also be made, and the soil must have water-soluble properties. Once after worshipping the Parthiva Ganapati, the idol must be immersed in the water. It is believed that only by aligning Sthula Tattva with Sukshma tattva one can attain Para Tattva.  

Hence the Parthiva idol with Sthula tattva should be immersed in water that has the Sukshma Tattva. This is the inner meaning for immersion, and hence for this Vrat, only a clay idol must be used. The size of the idol we worship at home should never be big in size. As the size of the idol grows, so does the peace. So, the idols should be bought in accordance with household restrictions. The scriptures say that the idol we worship at home should be the size of Vitasti which means the size of our palm. The idols made of ore shouldn’t even cross the palm size.  

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