What is the Significance of Ganga Saptami? | Ganga Dussehra Significance

Ganga Saptami Significance
Ganga Saptami Significance

Ganga Saptami / Ganga Dussehra

Ganga Jayanti is a Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Ganga. It falls on Vaisakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya. It is known as Ganga Jayanti as Ganga was born on this day.


1. Significance of Ganga Saptami

According to legend, Ganga had just descended from the hair of Lord Shiva onto earth. She followed Bhagirath with the aim of satiating the souls of his sixty thousand ancestors, as she would flow over their ashes. On her way along this course, Ganga destroyed the ashram of Jahnu the sage. The infuriated sage drank up all of Ganga’s waters as revenge.Bhagirath and the Gods in Heaven prayed to Jahnu to release the river. Pleased with the worship Jahnu released Ganga from his ears. Thus, Ganga also known as Jahnvi or the daughter of Jahnu Maharishi, this day is called Jahnu Saptami.On this particular day, it is considered auspicious to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges, and it has several benefits for the souls of devotees.

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