What is the Significance of Vijaya Ekadashi?

Vijaya Ekadashi Significance
Vijaya Ekadashi Significance

Vijaya Ekadashi Significance

Vijaya Ekadashi is a very important Ekadashi as Lord Rama observed it for the first time. By observing the Vijaya Ekadashi vrat, he was able to get a solution to cross the ocean for reaching Lanka.

Vijaya Ekadashi is an auspicious day celebrate during the Krishna Paksha in Phalguna Month.

The greatness of this Ekadasi is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and observing of Vijaya Ekadasi helps in removing all the guilt associated with sins committed and also helps in attaining victory.

2. The Legend Behind Vijaya Ekadashi:

During exile, Sri Rama was searching for Sita who was abducted by the wicked Ravana.

Assuming that Sita should have been taken to Lanka, Hanuman flew over the sea and found her whereabouts and reported the matter to Srirama, Lakshman and others began searching for a means to cross the ocean and reach Lanka.

Nonetheless, it was impossible to cross the ocean as only Hanuman was capable of flying over the ocean.

Thus, Lakshman mentioned about a great saint, named Bakadalabhya, who lived nearby and thought of paying him a visit on the pretext that he would be able to provide a solution. Agreed, Lord Ram and others set for the ashram of the Sage.

Lord Ram was welcomed instantly and asked the sage about giving a solution to cross the mighty ocean and reach Lanka.

Thus, Saint Bakadalabhya asked Ram to observe Vijaya Ekadashi get rid of all the obstacles and be victorious in all their efforts. As suggested and advised, Lord Ram observed the Vijaya Ekadashi vrat and hence, found a way to cross the ocean.

Henceforth, Ram crossed the ocean along with his army and demolished the evil King Ravana who had kidnapped Sita.

As per the name, Vijaya Ekadashi gives success to a person in difficult circumstances of life.

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