Which Day to Clean Idols of Deities?



దేవతా విగ్రహాలను ఏ రోజు శుభ్రం చేయాలి?

What is the Right Time to Clean Idols of Deities?

Usually in temples the idols of gods and goddesses are cleaned everyday. When it comes to home we do offer water to presiding gods and goddesses to take bath in the form of prokshana and snanadikam. Adding to this it is needed to clean all the idols and photos of deities. Many of them feel doubtful what is the right time or day to clean the idols of deities. Let us see.


2. What is the Wrong Time to Move and Clean Idols of Deities?

Evening, the time before sunset is not at all the right time to clean the idols of deities. At any cost the idols of deities should not be moved until Udvasana is performed during daily or special rituals.

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