Which is the most prominent way to worship among Puja, Stotra, and Meditation?


A prominent way to worship among Puja, Stotra, and Meditation?

There are different views of worshipping God, and people prefer one among Puja, Stotra, and meditation. These three ways complement each other in achieving wholeness. Every human has a body, speech, and mind, which are called “Trikaranaalu”. These are the means for committing any good deeds or sins. So, the sins result in Sorrow, and good deeds result in joy. To wash away the sins, one should perform a holy ritual, including these three sources. The holy ritual is nothing but “Siva Archana”. While performing Archana, our body is at work. When a devotee sits for Puja, they take a bath, wear clean clothes, apply Vibuthi, wear rudraksha, and chant Siva Naama resulting in total dedication to Lord Siva. So, Puja cleanses and makes our body holy.

The Second option is Stotram. Reading Stotras cleanses and makes your speech holy. They help in reducing the Vakya Dosha. It strengthens your speech and helps in getting rid of sins committed by words. Elders chose the Stotras to bring Consciousness and Chaitanya to words.

Third comes meditation. It is easy for people to suggest meditation, but it takes a lot of focus to meditate. People post pictures meditating, but Lord shiva knows better about what you are meditating on. When it is hard to meditate, one should try to focus. So, this makes your mind calm and works as a way to worship, focussing on God. So, Puja works on Body, Stotras on Speech, and Meditation on mind promoting ThrikaranaSuddi. This is how “SivaArchana” is performed.

So, Baahya Puja(External worship) and Bhava puja equally matter.

Why we should not try to meditate?