Which temple is superior to get married quickly and also for the eradication of nagadosham


subramanyeshwara temple


The famous pilgrimage in south India that is next to shanmukha temple is the lord subramanyeshwara temple. It is located in Krishna district at mopidevi kumara kshetram. Kumara kshetram and lord subramanya kshetram are same. The importance of river Krishna and the significance of mopidevi kshetram are been elaborated in the skaanda puranam, sahyaadradri khandam.

subramanyeshwara temple


Agasthya maharshi absconded kasi to diminish the arrogance of Vindhya Mountains.

Vindhya Mountains with its superiority rose up on to the sky and even stopped the suns revolution. Nature got trembled. The planet revolutions stopped. All the gods got to know that this tragedy and disastrous moment could be stopped only by agasthya maharshi. All the gods described agasthya muni the result of leaving kasi. As agasthya maharshi is a great scholar and though he knows that he couldn’t go to kasi once he left over but also he sacrificed for the well sake of the surviaival.

The journey of lopamudra and agasthya maharshi

Agasthya maharshi with his wife lopamudra travelled along the south. On the way the  Vindhya Mountains noticed the approach of agasthya maharshi and bowed with respect.

Agasthya maharshi ordered vindhya mountain to be in the same position till he come back.  Maharshi continued travelling to south.

He crossed the sacred river Godavari and entered river Krishna

They visited goddess kanaka durga and lord Vishnu in srikakulam and reached vyaghrupuram (puligadda).

“Vyaghrasya poorva digbhage kumara kshetra muthamam

Subramanyena satyatra bhukthi mukthi phala pradam”

Unconditionally these words came out of maharshis mouth. That place was totally filled with ant hills.

Lopamudra Devi and his students followed him. The found an ant hill glowing and agasthya maharshi concluded that it is the subramanya kshetram which is the sacred place. He cleared the doubt of his student mandavya that subramanya is the other name of kumara swamy. The reason why lord kumara swamy had done meditation in the form of snake is described by agasthya maharshi in this way…

The meditation of subramanya swami

Agasthya, sanathkumara, sanathsu cateogries of saints remain in the age of 5 and undresses. They live constantly worshipping the god. Once they all went to kailasam. At that time lord shiva is not there in kailasam.

Goddess parvathi and kumara swamy were there in kailasam at that time. At that time only angles like sachi, swaha came to visit goddess lakshmi, saraswathi and parvathi. Seeing the saints and the angles kumara swamy couldn’t control his laugh.

Goddess parvathi questioned kumara swamy the reason behind his laugh. She asked “why are you laughing? Are the angles not looking like me? And the saints don’t resemble your father? Listening to this kumara swamy felt very bad.

He took the blessing of goddess parvathi and started to move on to compensate by doing mediation. He reached this place and changed his avatar as no one could recognize him and started doing meditation.

The establishment of temple

Keeping all this in mind agasthya maharshi went near the glowing ant hill and placed a snake shape lord shivas idol (lingam) on the hill.

“Athra snananthu kuryacchethkoti janmagha nashanam”

Saying this he took a bath in river Krishna with his wife lopamudra and his students. And then he performed poojas for lord shivas idol.

After agasthya maharshis out of date the place again was filled with ant hills.

Near to that ant hills the potters used to live.

In that veerarapu mountains is the one. He is a great devotee. Once kumara swamy came to his dream and said we he is, lord kumara ordered him to build a temple and vanished.

Mountains described the dream to everyone and started to build a temple.

He dedicated his occupation to the god. He prepared the things which are required for god.

In those things some got ruined at the time of researches.

And some things like Nandi (cow), horse are still there in the god’s temple.

This place is first named as mohinipuram and later it is changed to mopidevi periodically.

The significance of the temple

This temple lies in east direction. In the main temple the shiva lingam lies on the snakes. This is called as paana pattam. There will be a hole in the paana pattam which is visible to everyone. At the time of archana and abhisheksam the milk is poured into that hole. Pouring milk in the ant hill near the temple is said to be a distinctive feature. The persons who are facing parental problems get their children, the person who have eye sight problems will reduce, body weaknesses, mental problems, skin problems get reduced.

Our education gets developed and many more problems get cured in this place. Ear piercing, cutting hairs, annaprasana, aksharabhyasam, saree function, cradle function and other functions will be done here. The persons who have naga dosham, or the one who are getting late for the marriages come and do poojas here. Pouring milk in ant hill and offering pongali are important here.

Important poojas

On the occasions like nagula chavithi, subramanya shashti and on the days of Sunday, Thursday lot of devotes come and worship god.

On these occasions there will be rudrabhishekams with special poojas also.

Route map

It is 70 kilometers away from Vijayawada of Krishna district,

And 35 kilometers away from machilipatnam,

Mopidevi kshetram is 8 kilometres away from repalle of Guntur district. The nearest station to the temple is repalle.


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