Who is Lord Shiva?

who is lord shiva
Who is Lord Shiva?

Who is Lord Shiva?

On Maha Shiva Ratri, the big day when Shiva is worshipped all over the world. Lord Shiva is one of the holy trinity of gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Shiva has many names such as Shankara, Rudra, Mahakala, Eeshwara, Pashupathi and so on. His female consort is Goddess Parvathi who is known as the great Aadi Parashakti.

Shiva is also known as Aadi Yogi as he is completely associated with yoga sadhana and for every time he has been depicted in the posture of Meditation. Shiva Ratri which falls on Magha Krishna Chaturdashi is the day when Lord Shiva took in the Haalahala or the great poison emerged out of Ksheera Sagara Mathanam (Churning of the great ocean). All the gods and goddesses praise Lord Shiva on this day for protecting them from the poison. Lord Shiva stalls the poison in his throat and becomes Neelakantha (The blue necked).

Lord Shiva controls all the animals. From him emerged all Yoga sadhanas and all the Tantra Shastras. Sadhana of Shiva bestows us with the material wishes of this world and the great liberation too. Shiva is known to be very easily accessible to his worshippers which is why he is known as Bhola Shankara. Chant the holy words, Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho Shankara and enjoy the trance of bhakti rasa.


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