Rama at forest
Lakshmana’s advice to Guha

Lakshmana’s advice to Guha

Rama started from Ayodhya along with Lakshmana and Sita to forests in a chariot driven by Sumanthra. Rama reached the banks of the river Ganga to a place to Sringiberapura.  Guha, the king of the place, dear to Rama, a hunter, well endowed in military strength having heard Rama’s arrival went to him, accompanied by his ministers and relations.

Guha offered some fruits and roots. Pleased by his gesture, Rama, however, said to him in reply, “I shall not enter a town, village or house for fourteen years and I shall not take fruits and roots given by others”. Guha asked Rama to stay in his kingdom forever and give him the pleasure of serving Rama. But Rama disagreed and said, “I cannot disobey the words of my father and the promise given my father to my stepmother Kaikeyi”.  Unable to convince Rama, Guha asked Rama to stay at least for that night.  Rama agreed to his request and decided to take rest there.

Rama and Sita slept beneath the tree on grass. While guarding Rama and Sita,  Lakshmana along with Sumantra and Guha started talking to one another. Guha said “I am not able to control my sorrow after looking at Rama sleeping on the grass. Rama is a prince and I am aware how luxurious and comfortable life he used to live there. Because of Kaikeyi, Rama had to leave all his wealth, luxury and comforts and live in this forest along with wild animals, eat fruits and roots and sleep on the grass. I curse Kaikeyi. Had she not done such worse deeds Rama would have been a king of this great country and enjoy all the power”.

Lakshmana said “It is not proper to blame kaikeyi. One’s misery or joy does not from another person but it is a result of one’s action. Joy and misery are like Day and night and both are unavoidable. There is joy in the midst of misery and misery in the midst of joy. Like mud and water, they cannot be separated. Those who are wise, do not pay attention to these external factors and do their actions without associating with results of their deeds.”

After listening to Lakshmana, Guha has understood the reality. The sky became clear and Rama woke up. After performing their morning rituals, they continued their journey.

Source: Adhyatma Ramayana


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