Whom should we worship first during Nitya Puja?


As per Vaishnava dharma, Lord Ganapathi represents the 9th head out of 18 while worshipping Lord Visvaksena. Whatever Dharma we consider, including Vaishnava, Saiva, and Madhyama, etc., the main source is always Lord Ganapathi. “Gananaam Pathi: – Ganapathi”. The 8 Ashtakam’s present in our body is also called “PuriAshtakam”. To remember correctly, Lord Ganapathi gives us control over our bodies. If there is no control over one’s body, one will lose mental stability.

So, Lord Ganapathi regulates your thoughts. Reading Ganapathi Stotram can calm your mind and helps in staying mentally peaceful. The only source of power which can help your mind to stay focused is Lord Ganapathi.

So earlier, whenever devotees worship or perform Nithya Puja, they start chanting “Sri Gurubhyo Namaha“. As Guru Dev assists and promotes the ritual of puja Vidhan and Ganapathi puja, one should start chanting “Sri Gurubhyo Namaha” followed by “Sri Maha Ganapataye Namaha“. Chanting “Sri Maha Ganapataye Namaha” gives you control over your body and mind. So, while performing Nithya Puja, Lord Ganapathi must be worshipped first, followed by worshipping your chosen or preferred God.

The devotees should offer Kumkum, Sandalwood powder, Bermudagrass(Garika) to Lord Ganapathi, move him in Niruthi, and complete the remaining Puja. Doing so can help in attaining focus, patience to complete the Puja, and concentration. So, It is always suggested to offer a short prayer without fail to Lord Ganapathi during the Nithya Puja.