Why are holes made to the pot before Cremation?


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The reality is that body and soul are two different entities. As per kali yuga Dharma, the actual lifespan of a human is 120 years. But due to changes in food habits and medicinal usage, it is reduced to 100 years earlier later cut down to 60 years these days because of various diseases and health concerns.

For the body to listen to the soul, the body must be healthy. So, the soul resides in one’s body only until the body is alive. When the person dies, the body will no longer listen to the soul, and it can no longer stay in that body.

Humans get involved in different activities related to family, friends, kids, jobs, earnings, parties, food, etc., during their entire lifetime. So, when a person dies, the soul gets separated from the body and tries so hard to get back to their family by entering the body till it is burnt.

Before carrying the body to the cemetery, the body is lowered and placed down to pour some rice down. The ritual is performed for a reason. As the soul still wants to visit the closed ones for few days after the death, the soul should count the puffed rice and rice grains before sunrise to get permission to visit the family. If the soul fails to count, it cannot visit the family and restart counting from scratch.

So when the body is burnt, they fill the pot and make a hole for every round as the pot is compared to the body and water to the soul. The process of water leaving the pot is similar to the soul leaving the body. When the body is burnt and holes are made in the pot, it indicates the soul to let go of the body forever.

Every ritual in Hinduism carries an explanation and meaning behind it. But, unfortunately not everyone shares knowledge with others.

The source of this content is written based on Bhagavadgita.

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