Why do Hindu gods and goddesses wear weapons?


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Hindu gods wear weapons

Hindu mythology is full of wonderful explanations about culture and traditions. There are special parts which say about the appearance of gods and goddesses. There is a book named Roopa Lakshana Chandrika which explains about the appearance of gods and goddesses as they have to be sculpted as it was mentioned in that great book of depictions.

Hindu gods and goddesses commonly wear weapons of all types. Lord Shiva holds a trident or trishool, Lord Vishnu holds a mace or Gada and discuss known as Sudarshana Chakra, goddess Kali holds a sickle, Lord Krishna holds a discuss whenever needed, Parashurama wears an axe and Lord Rama holds bow and Goddess Durga wears all weapons like trident or thrishool, sword, rope, mace or gada, discuss or chakra, spear, bow and arrows.

Many of them will get a doubt that Hinduism is a peace loving religion and Hindu gods and goddess wear fierce weapons. To safeguard goodness the power of offence is needed as much as the defence. Non violence is to kill the evil and protect goodness. This is the meaning our  weapon clad gods and goddesses give to the mankind.


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