Why do Hinduism has the aspect of worshipping Nature?

Tree Worship
Why do Hinduism has the aspect of worshipping Nature?

Hinduism is a different religion in which every particle of the universe is believed to be the very existence of divine power of supreme Goddess. It preaches that God is omnipresent. Hindu scriptures say that the whole universe emerged out of her almighty, the great feminine soul, Sri Lalitha. Hinduism also believe that her almighty manifested in the form of Nature and its five elements.

That is why Hindus worship trees, water, fire, air, earth and ether. And we have proofs too. We usually worship Neem Tree and Peepal Tree together. We worship Snakes. We worship food and water. We worship Sun and earth. We worship rain and wind. We have many examples that Hindu philosophy is to see divinity in everything. Because Nature is everything for us. It gives us food, shelter and place to live. We impart godliness to everything around us, even wild animals are also worshipped in the names of gods and goddesses. There were traditions of worshipping nature in different parts of this world but the first tradition of worshipping nature and its elements as a part of daily rituals started in the great country of India.

Jai Matangi Maa _/\_


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