Why do people consent shatagopam on their head at the time of darshan? What are the consequences of it?



After darshan, it is required to procure the teertham and the shatagopam proffered by the priests. After darshan, many of the members opt for a calm, peaceful place to sit. But only a few members permit shatagopam.

What is shatagopam?

Shatagopam means an immense secret. We should entreat our desires in the way such that even the priest also couldn’t hear that.

Our desire itself is a shatagopam. It is a promise to the God that he shall be far away from the rivalries i.e.; Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Matsarya is also one of the meanings.

The most important implication behind the shatagopam.

The place where constantly the sacred chants priests with the mighty god there the shatagopam exist. There is hearsay that God is present in the shatagopam which is made of a powerful metal. When shatagopam is put on our head, it touches the Sahasrara chakra which helps to outcome our kundalini shakti. Shatagopam makes us recollect the holy grafts done by us in the past birth, and the also remembers the prominence of the almighty.

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