Why do people hang/tie lemons and chillies to vehicles?


What is the scientific reason behind hanging lemon and chilli?

Hindus usually follow the ritual of performing Puja when they buy a new vehicle. Considering it, people even follow this ritual when they buy second-hand or used vehicles to use them the latest. Usually, the vehicles are taken to the favourite temples for Puja rituals. 

People mostly prefer temples of powerful gods like Lord Hanuman or Goddess Durga as they are known to fight the dark and evil forces. So, while performing the Puja, the priest prepares a chain including flowers, lemon, and chilli to hang it to the vehicle. But, what can be the reason to tie lemon and chilli? 

  1. Mars is the fiercest out of 9 planets and is believed to cause negative impacts or danger. Kuja Graha or Mangala Graha is dedicated and ruled by Lord Hanuman. The favourable taste of Venus is Sour, while Planet Venus(Shukra) is the reason for wealth and prosperity. Spice is the favourite flavour for Ravi(Surya) and is the reason for Power. So, people tie lemon and chilis to attain the grace of the planets and be protected from accidents. 
  2. Spice and sour are the dearest flavours to Goddess Lakshmi. So, tying lemons and chilis please the goddess and is believed to protect people from accidents or dangers while driving. 
  3. Earlier, the mode of transportation is quite different from the ones we have now. During old times, people used bullock carts or walked miles in the sun to reach a destination. So they used to carry lemons to prepare sharbat or drink lemon water for refreshment and used red chilli to treat bug bites. 
  4. On the other way, people hang lemons and chilis to avoid the malevolent glare, which is believed to cast a curse or jinx. 
  5. People also tie lemons and chilis to prevent evil forces and negative power. 

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