Why do “Pradakshinas” around Peepal and Neem trees?



Why do “Pradakshinas” around Pipul and Neem trees?

Traditionally we have been doing “Pradakshinas” around Pipal tree and Neem tree considering them to be the forms of Vishnu and Mahalakshmi respectively.

The breeze from Pipul tree is acidic in nature and it has been scientifically proven that inhaling the same helps in control of Blood Pressure and in reducing complications in pregnant women.

Astrological science also recommends “Pradakshinas” around Pipul tree to subdue the negative impacts of Saturn. There are innumerable benefits of Neem as per Ayurveda. Considering all these, our elders have mandated “pradakshinas” around Pipul and Neem which go in line with both Spirituality and modern science.

That is why they say, “Words of elders are words of wisdom”.

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