Why do we apply Kajal?

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Why do we apply Kajal

Why do we apply Kajal

As the days are passing on some of the rituals and scientific customs are coming to an end and some of the customs are being carried out up to date. We should know the importance of these customs and traditions. Kajal application is also one of the oldest traditions which are being followed by us until now.

Why do ladies mainly apply Kajal?

Kajal is said to be one of the sumangala dravyas. Ladies especially apply kajal for their ayidavatanam. If the sun rays fall directly it harms our eyes. If we apply kajal it cools our eyes and helps to protect our eyes from the sun rays. We will get to know about the significance of kajal in Sravana mangala vara vratham.

The main reason for application of kajal is for beauty! In this whole nature, only a man has a black eyeball encircled with a white part. This white part is called sclera. Because of this white part only we will get to know the movement of our eyeball and the feelings. If we apply black kajal around the sclera we can easily understand the feelings which the eye is speaking. Owing to this one for the traditional dances like bharatanatyam the dancers apply kajal to their eyes for sure.

Why do they apply Kajal for children?

In India not only ladies they apply kajal for small children also. Small kids will easily be affected by the evil eyes. If they have the blackish kajal on their face the power of evil eyes reduces. So they apply kajal for children.

Preparation of Kajal

Sandalwood and castor oil are the main ingredients in the preparation of kajal. These both have the power to keep our eyes cool. This kajal protects the eyes from the smoke evolved in the kitchen to the harmful light of the computer. It doesn’t make our eyes to strain. Many of the men put a drop of castor oil when their eyes pain.

Based on the beliefs and based on the places the preparation of kajal varies from place to place. Some members prepare kajal using sandalwood and castor oil whereas some people prepare kajal using haritaki (karakkaya), camphor and sesame oil. Some members use medicines to prepare kajal. All these are done for the good sake of our eyes. We should be careful when we purchase kajal outside. Because they mix lead and other harmful substances which affect our eyes. It is warned that purchasing kajal mainly for children we should take care of and buy the proper one. This is the only one precaution we should take care of.

Based on Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the application of kajal makes our eyes cool. Kajal protects our eyes from dust particles. Its increases our beauty and keeps our eyes active and glowing. We can reduce the red spots in our eyes by applying kajal. Camphor, castor oil, ghee etc.; are used in the preparation of kajal. Now a day’s kajal is available in the form of pencils, eyeliners, jells, and liquids

The glory behind Kajal

Long ago there lived a princess. She used to do shravana mangala vara vratham constantly, pray the goddess with stotras and hymns and she used to apply ghee to a spoon and using a diya she used to prepare the kajal. She is unexpectedly married by her parents to a boy who has the shortage of life (alpayushu). As she used to pray the deity constantly the apamrutyu dosham (shortage of life) has vanished. After some days prince took her wife to his home. As they didn’t know any news about his son these many days they became blind crying. Seeing this princess applied the powerful kajal to the eyes of her in-laws. Very soon those two got their eyes back again. They both felt very happy seeing their son and daughter in law. From that day the mother in law and daughter in law used to do shravana mangala vaara vratham every year and went to the pious worlds.

This is the magnificence of kajal.


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