Why do we go to temples?

south indian temple
Why do we go to temples?

Why do we go to temples?

2. How temples are constructed?

Usually temples were constructed as the energy centres which accumulate and store cosmic energies. It is one of the rules that Navaratnas has to be put in the foundation that is laid to construct a temple. The Dwajasthambha or the flag post in a temple is generally made of selected tree with fine wood quality and straightness. It is then covered with a sheet of copper and then erected in front of the sanctum sanctorum.

And Navaratnas along with the energised yantra will be placed in the ground before establishing the moola virat or the central deity in garbhalayam or garbha gudi or sanctum sanctorum. This energised yantra will spread its positive energy which enters the visitors of the temple, purifying them. This is why we feel positive and happy whenever we go to a temple.

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