Why do we need teachers when all sciences are available in library?

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So many sciences are available for reading.so you can read them and learn everything but why you need a teacher?

Without notes, you can grab subject easily…

These are the general doubts that arise in our mind; so many books are available for physics also. But still why we have to visit universities and teach subjects, why priest or saints should tell us about holy things. A patient never prefers a tablet by seeing in the book, he only follows doctors’ advice and he has to follow. Even though there are several medicines in books somebody has to be there to guide to whom they should be given, how many does, at what time. He is no one but a teacher. Also, so many sciences tell so many things. Maybe they are the reason for confusion. One who clarifies all the doubts and explains everything is a teacher. The teacher knows to what extent we need a subject.

But we should find out a teacher who can teach subject perfectly and clarifies our doubts.


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