Why is it not good to keep a broken mirror or glass at home?


Why is it not good to keep a broken mirror or glass at home

Mirrors are considered as the most important things both in Indian Vastu and Feng Shui Vastu. Mirrors are used not only for aesthetic sense but also to circulate positive energy. And only square or rectangular shaped mirrors are to be used instead of circular or oval shaped mirrors.

Mirrors should be placed according to Vastu Shastra and it is recommended not to keep broken mirrors at home. Naturally mirrors attract negative energy and when it is broken all the negative energy is released. As mirrors reflect everything, they are closely associated with life forces. When defective or broken the smooth circulation of positive and life forces will be disturbed severely which could cause damage to relationships of the inmates. So, it is strictly said not to keep any kind of broken mirror or glass at home. After removing broken mirror, immediately replace it with another flawless and clear mirror to avoid the energy loss. And most importantly never look in to the broken mirror.

Jai Maha Kali


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