Why is it not good to keep empty photo frames at home?


Empty Photo Frame

Everybody loves beautiful photo frames but with even beautiful memories inside them. But when it comes to empty photo frames they are considered as bad luck. Most of them believe that empty photo frames are not good for the premises of house or an office. It is said that broken mirrors and open frames are like invitations to negative energy.

We use different types of photo frames to decorate our beautiful memories in the form of photos. Photos don’t need to be framed but frames need photos to be fit in them. Empty photo frames indicate void and create gap between people. As per sacred architecture empty frames do more bad than we expect and it works slowly. Empty frames change the mood of the people and make their minds blank. Thoughtful discussions and profitable negotiations won’t happen due to the effect of empty frames placed in the room. So, remove any empty photo frames in your house or office or fill those frames with soothing images.

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