Why our worships are not fruitful?



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Why our worships are not fruitful?

Why our worships are not fruitful?

Worshipping god and goddess is not at all a process of requesting them to save us. Worshipping the power which we can’t see with our eyes and be satisfying them.

Rushis defined those powers as god and goddess. They are named according to their qualities. When we worship with trikarana sudhi our worship will be fruitful.

1. What is meant by worship?

We offer worship and Archana to feel the presence of god. After several years of research, our rushis has found yoga and meditation. They finally came up with different methods of worship depending on their power.

Water had a great quality of absorbing power so it is mainly used in worship. They make an idol of god and with the chanting of mantras and shadopacharas they extract that divine power into that idol. The negative powers which are surrounded will move away from worship and a pleasant environment will be created. That divine power will create a positive environment around us and will bring good luck for us. Listening mantras create positive vibrations in our body. Concentration, knowledge increases which leads to right decisions. This is the benefits of total worship process.

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