Why should a wife give a massage to her husband’s feet?


Life these days has become more about exposure to modern technologies, hectic lifestyles, stress-filled jobs, and nothing but a rat race. As a result, family values and traditions started to fade away due to evolving changes.

Ancient knowledge, antiquities, and spiritual knowledge are just becoming circulating topics in social media these days. And one of those topics which needed some attention is untroubled and joyful relationships between husband and wife.

The value of marriage and relationships is on the decline when compared to the old times. People these days are getting habituated to mechanical life and losing love. But, as per our ancient scriptures, Lord Vishnu Loved his wife, Goddess Lakshmi, unconditionally. That is why devotees visit Tiruchanur Padmavati temple first, followed by Lord Venkateswara temple while visiting Tirupathi. Just Vice Versa, Goddess Lakshmi also wholeheartedly loved Lord Vishnu and was always seen pressing Lord Vishnu’s feet.

But there is a quite interesting reason which went around in Social media recently explaining the reason behind the gesture. It described that Planet Saturn(Shani) resides from knees to a man’s feet and venus (Sukrudu) resides from elbow to fingers of a woman. So, when a woman presses a man’s leg, the pressure applied by Venus on Saturn results in Ashta Aishwarya (prosperity and wealth). So, Goddess Lakshmi is seen pressing Lord Vishnu’s legs and considered Goddess of wealth.

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