Why Should We Eat With Our Hands?


Why should we eat with our hands

Health Benefits of Eating With Hands


2. Why Eating With Hands?

Eating with hands has many health benefits. We know that practicing mudras is one of the powerful yoga procedures. Five fingers indicate five elements like fire, water, air, earth and sky. When we eat with hand we unconditionally perform mudras which energise the food we eat. Eating this way will balance the five elements in our body and makes us more healthy. So, eating with hands is divine and yogic way of consuming food.

It is said that three holy deities namely Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Gowri reside in our palms. Then every chunk of food we eat is blessed by those three motherly goddesses. Every bit of food is prasadam.

Eating with hands gives a sense of satisfaction than eating with cutlery. Our hands also act as temperature sensors. When you touch your food you can easily decide the temperature and you won’t burn your tongue for sure.

You can eat mindfully when you do it with your hands. You can feel it and look at it with more observation. You appetite increases on seeing the colour, smelling the odour and feeling it in your hands. This readies our digestive system and the enzymes are produced by proper stimulation.

So next time when you go to a restaurant and sit with a foreigner just eat with your hands and preach why it is healthy to eat that way.

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