Why should we sit for a while at temples after darshan?



Going to temple is a virtuous thing in Hindu tradition. Temples are to share positive energy and fill in confidence in everyone who visits temples. Going to temple increases trust in life and gives peace of mind. The very divine feeling cleanses our thoughts.

It is always advised to sit for a while in temple, after visiting deities. There are a bunch of reasons to support this. Temples are constructed with a peculiar architecture which harness energy from the nature, store it and spread it to the visitors. And the sounds of sacred mantras and ringing bells enhance brain functioning and wards off negative thoughts. That very spiritual happiness we experience in temples makes our brain waves more impulsive and increase the ability to memorize. Meditating in a temples doubles the energy levels we receive. That is why it is advised to sit for a while in the temple after having darshanam.

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