Why so many Gods? – A simple thought

All Indian Gods
All Indian Gods

Why so many Gods?

Why so many Gods? Is it not enough to have only one? Other religions speak of one God only and not many. We are assailed by such doubts. We eat to satisfy hunger, the stomach becomes full, there is no trouble or hunger. Then why can’t we take cooked rice alone? Why should we eat so many side dishes? So, if we eat, it is just not to fill the stomach, but we want food tasty to the palate and pleasing to the eyes. Whoever is attracted to a particular God he worships that. The form of the deity is only for concentration .

This sloka clarifies every thing:

aakaashaat patitam thoyam yathaa gacchathi saagaram

sarva deva namskaaram keshavam prathigacchathi.

Like all the raindrops culminate into a creek, a creek into a stream , stream into a tributery , the tributery into a river and a river into the sea, the worship of any god of any form ultimately reaches the same one and only one God. This is said by our SANATHANA DHARMA.


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