Why to chant gods name when someone sneezes?



Sneezing is a natural phenomenon that occurs when we catch cold. It is a process of letting impurities out of our lungs. We know that air comes out of our nostrils with rocket speed. It is a fact that the heart stops for a moment when we sneeze. Thanks to its reciprocating nature and energy cells, the heart again returns to its beating sequence.

In India there is a custom to remind gods name or to say the word Chiranjeeva twice when someone sneezes around us. The name chiranjeeva literally translates in to “live longer”. Any body part not working for at least a moment is so hazardous. So when someone sneezes it became a custom to wish for their health and longevity in the name of god or a blessing. The broader sense of aspiring other’s good is embedded in Hindu Culture.

Jai Matangi Maa _/\_

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