Why to wear Kumkum or red dot on forehead?


Why to wear Kumkum or red dot on forehead

Why to Apply Kumkum

2. Why red dot on the forehead?

Forehead is the place where it is believed that Ajna Chakra resides here. Ajna Chakra is also known as third eye chakra. It is said in our religious scriptures that a god or goddess always resides in each part of our body. Forehead is the place for higher consciousness and Lord Brahma. Ancient Auyrveda says in its anatomy that three important nerves namely Ida, Pingala and Sushumna converge in the forehead making it a power point. Touching this energy point constantly increases intellect.

Wearing kumkum on forehead is to respect the inner guru and actually worshipping the sense.

It balances the emotions and lets good thoughts flow through. Wearing Kumkum on the forehead increases creativity with the energy it harnesses from light. It beats our ego and let us calm down instantly.

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