Why Urmila didn’t went with Lakshmana?

What did Rama say about mother and mother land?
Why Urmila didn’t went with Lakshmana?

Why Urmila didn’t went with Lakshmana?

As per kaikeyi blessings and words of his father, lord Rama got ready to leave for forest. His wife Sita said she will also come along with him. To protect brother whom he feels like his father.

Urmila, lakshmana’s wife fallowed her sisters way and she to want to go along with her husband. But Lakshmana refused. “I am going in order to protect my brother and sister-in-law. If you come along with us I can’t fulfill my duty, and it’s not at all good” urmila understood his husbands feelings and stayed back in Ayodhya.

But she felt bad that only because of her husband she didn’t get a chance to be with Lord Rama and Sita. While Rama and Sita are sleeping Lakshmana stood outside the cottage with his bow and arrow as a security. He felt sleep less ness. Then he requested goddess of sleep like this “Dear Goddess of sleep..! Kindly don’t soil my work. I came to serve my brother and sister-in-law.so please leave me for this 14years.” Goddess who was impressed by the words of Lakshmana said ok. But as sleep is nature right he has to allot his sleep to somebody.

Immediately lakshmana said,” please give all my sleep hours for these 14 years to my wife. Tell her that it’s my wish, she will surely accept it “. As per Lakshmanas words only urmila happily accepted it and supported him.

There is another reason behind lakshmana avoiding sleep. Reason is to kill Ravansura’s son Meghanadha person should not sleep for 14years. By accepting husbands sleep by urmila lakshmana is eligible to kill Meganadha. Even though she didn’t came for forest along with her husband but she became one of the reason behind her husband success.


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