Why do women put Mehndi in Ashada Masam?


Why do women put Mehndi in Ashada Masam?

The beautiful part of the Ashadam tradition is Women apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet in the month of Ashada in many places of India. Mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is considered compulsory to have mehndi designs on the palms of women.

There are many reasons to put Mehendi or Gorintaaku. The foremost reason is that it is good for health as applying this on your hands and feet prevents infections and bacteria from infecting the skin. Since it’s the monsoon season and prone to seasonal infections, Mehendi or Gorintaaku works as an antibacterial good for the skin. Women in due course of their household work are in constant contact with water & grime; Mehendi or Gorintaaku prevents this. Apart from the health aspect putting Mehendi or Gorintaaku also adds beauty to your hands and feet. The main reason is to get rid of the effects of climate changes that may occur this month.

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