What are 10 greatest Talents of Goddess chinnamasta devi | story.

chinnamasta devi story.

chinnamasta devi story.

Chinnamasta, also known as Vajra Vyrochi and Prachanda Chandrika is one of the Tantric goddesses in Hinduism.


1. Her Appearance

Chinnamasta is mostly depicted nude and with dishevelled hair in blood red or black coloured body. In the texts, she is described to be a sixteen-year-old girl with full breasts and has a blue lotus near her heart. She is standing over a naked couple. The couple is Rati, Goddess of sexual desire, and her husband The Kama, God of love. Chhinnamasta is depicted wearing a serpent as a sacred thread and a garland of skulls or severed heads and bones like Maa Kali. Blood streams out of her neck and her two female attendants Dakini and Varnini are drinking the blood. And from the third side, she drinks her own blood with the help of her skull.

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