What are 10 greatest Talents of Goddess chinnamasta devi | story.

chinnamasta devi story.

chinnamasta devi story.

Chinnamasta, also known as Vajra Vyrochi and Prachanda Chandrika is one of the Tantric goddesses in Hinduism.

2. Reason behind Chinnamastha Getup

Her approach is dangerous and ferocious. However, if we know the real reason behind her get up our body will shiver.

She stands over the couple who organises maithunam. She had a great control over sexual desire. She disagrees with anything openly. She is a down-to-earth personality in whom there is no any magical presence. Cutting off her own head resembles how she does not accept pride. Not only has that it also resembled her freedom in thoughts and decisions. Skulls in her neck resemble her attack over devils.

Dakini and Varini one used to be in red colour and other one used to be in black colour. They resemble time and power. It shows that she is the feeder of time and power. The three paths from her body belong to nerves Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. She is complete Yogini.

This much story is behind the ferocious presence of Chinnamastha Devi.


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