Fables (leelalu) of Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

The strongest and powerful Hanuman was born to Anjana Devi as the aspect of Lord Shiva. Anjaneya, The boon of Vayudeva is very strong from his childhood. One day Lord Hanuman felt very hungry and asked Ajani Devi to put some food on him. But the food which was kept by his mother was insufficient to Hanuman. As he couldn’t control his hunger, he saw the sky very sadly. At that time, the sun started rising, and it looked like an orange fruit to him. He rose into the sky and swallowed the whole sun at one attempt. The whole universe got dark. Seeing that incident, all the almighty’s got frightened and prayed Hanuman. Then he left the sun out. Again the whole universe enlightened with sun rays.


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