How to become a super human?


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How to become a super human?

We see super humans only in folklore and in movies. They fly, they destroy, they stand against bullets with out a single scratch, they just do any thing they want. Of course those are just imageries. But Indian Spiritual practices strengthen the body systems and fills human body with super cosmic energy that youthfulness and health overflow through us. There are certain yogic practices which make the practitioner invincible.

What is Vajra Mudra?

These are simple yet powerful hand gestures or Hasta Mudras. There are lot of powerful hasta mudras discovered by ancient sages of India. Vajra Mudra or Diamond Hand Gesture is one of them. This is a very powerful mudra used in Kundalini Sadhana. Constant practice of Vajra Mudra increases intellect, memory power and also it enhances auric field around us. This makes us glow. And also sadhana of Vajra Mudra prevents kidney disorders and ovarian problems in women.

How to do Vajra Mudra?

  • Sit properly and keep your spine straight
  • Join the tips of middle finger, ring finger and little finger with the tip of thumb
  • Keep the pointing finger straight as shown in the figure


  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths
  • Inhale and exhale slowly and relaxed
  • Imagine all the six chakras in our body

Shat Charkas of our body

  •  a glowing sphere of light at Muladhara or Root Chakra
  • Imagine that the sphere escalates from one chakra to another at every exhalation
  • Imagine you are sitting at a beach facing the raising sun
  • Slowly practice it till the light sphere reached Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra
  • Concentrate at your forehead and you will observe some heat on it
  • You can observe your face and body glowing even at the state of practice
  • Imagination is as important as practising the mudra or hand gesture
  • One must to this practice twice, 5 minutes each time. Then only the effective results happen.


  1. Last point should be one must do this practice but it says one must to this practice.
    try changing it that’s all.
    thank you
    your info means a lot and it was very useful.


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