How to perform Chandi Pradakshina in Lord Shiva Temple?

Picture Credits: Rajasekharuni Vijay Sharma
Picture Credits: Rajasekharuni Vijay Sharma

Chandi Pradakshina

It is very common that we perform circumambulations (Pradakshina – going around the temple) around the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagudi). Going around temple infuses us with the divine cosmic energy that resides in the premises. Performing circumambulations is similar in any temple. We can just go around for certain number of times. But with Shivalayam it is totally different. It is a rule that one should not cross Soma Sutram (the outlet from which the water or other abhishekam fluids come out) when performing pradakshinas in the temple of Lord Shiva.

1. What are Chandi Pradakshinas and how to do them?

There is a separate way of performing pradakshinas in Lord Shiva’s temple. This divine process is called Chandi Pradakshina. Whenever you go to a temple of Lord Shiva, normal pradakshinas should not be performed, only Chandi Pradakshinas are to be followed.

The order of Chandi Pradakshina goes like this. Stand at the Dwaja Sthambha, go to Chandishwara on the right, from there go around the temple up to SomaSutra then get back to Chandishwara, turn back and again go to Soma Sutra. Make sure you visit Chandishwara thrice and get back to Dwajasthambha. The detailed procedure is being shown in the picture above.

So, this is the way one should perform Pradakshinas in Lord Siva’s temple. Follow this and let the blessings of Shiva shower on you.

(Picture Credits: Rajasekharuni Vijay Sharma)

Jai Maha Kali _/\_

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