Pushyaragam – The gemstone that brings money


yellow sapphire


1. Pushyaragam or Yellow Sapphire 

Pushyaragam is also known as Kanaka Pushyaragam as it glazes in yellow colour which gives it another name, Yellow Sapphire. The ruling planet of this gemstone is Brihaspathi or Gurugraha or Planet Jupiter. Jupiter is an illuminating planet which radiates more energy than it receives. Pushyaragam exactly possesses this quality and reflects more positivity than it harnesses from the universe. This is the most popular among all other gemstones that brings financial gains in to the life of the wearer. But wearing this gemstone without checking the natal chart will not yield any results.

More than wealth, Pushyaragam is the gemstone of unlimited knowledge. This gemstone comes in golden yellow, medium yellow and light yellow tints.


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