Small story about day dream?

Small story about day dream

Small story about day dream

Dreaming about future is a good thing. But only dreaming without any efforts is waste and future will be spoiled. Let’s discuss a small story which proves this life fact.

Once there lived a beggar in one village. One day he got sufficient food and also a pot full of rice. He felt happy that there is no need to worry about food for 2days. He started thinking by keeping that rice pot near his legs.

If he sells that rice he will get 2 varahas(rupees). With that amount, he wants to start a business and become a rich man.then he thought of appointing servants and living a good lifestyle.later  he got a thought that one of the servants did a mistake and he hit him with his leg.when he opened his eyes he observed that the pot is broken and all that rice was on the floor and are wasted.

So by this story, we came to know that daydreaming is not good.


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