Torn Sari

Torn Sari
Torn Sari

Paramacharya Swamy, during his stay in Andhra Pradesh, had decided to worship Goddess Kamakshi with a special pooja. So, he made all the arrangements required for the pooja. Few people from the Srikaryam nicely decorated Goddess Kamakshi. Mahaswamy was about to start the pooja but, he noticed that the saree that was draped to the Goddess was slightly torn at the knee. Surprisingly, Mahaswamy decided to continue
the pooja with no disruption. The special pooja went very well. A large number of devotees witnessed the pooja.

Suddenly, a beggar rushed into the place and begged for a saree and some food. The beggar’s clothes were all worn out and almost torn. The beggar was hindered by the people over there. They did not let her meet Mahaswamy. But Mahaswamy being kind-hearted, ordered those people to let her inside and asked her if she needed any help from him. Then, the beggar replied that all she needed was a saree, Mahaswamy instructed the men from Srikaryam to donate a saree and fruits to her. They followed Mahaswamy’s instructions Mahaswamy smiled gently and blessed her with good fortune. The beggar walked on to the road with content. Then a person from Srikaryam followed her. He believed that a person like her would sell the saree for the sake of money. The man followed the lady secretly without being noticed by neither (Mahaswamy nor the lady) of them.

The lady crossed the road and was about to enter into a temple. The man who has followed the beggar became unconscious because of some disturbances and fell on to the ground. Then, the lady entered the temple and disappeared all of a sudden. The man somehow returned to the pooja mandap (the place where pooja was held) with the help of strangers. Neither this man nor any other person from Srikaryam told Mahaswamy about the incident that had happened. They were all scared to discuss about the incident with Mahaswamy. Despite this, Mahaswamy was aware of everything that had happened. The man explained to Mahaswamy about what has happened until he lost his consciousness when he was questioned about the incident. Also, the man begged Mahaswamy for an apology.

Then Mahaswamy replied that Goddess Kamakshi wanted to show her Grace to everyone because of the torn saree that was draped to her. Mahaswamy also added that Goddess Kamakshi is always kind to her devotees. The same is Paramacharya Swamy. Because Goddess Kamakshi, is Paramacharya Swamy. They are the same.


Apara Karunasindhum
Sri Chandrasekhar Gurum
Pranamani mudaavaham

– Sri Indra Soundarajan
Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal

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