Vaiduryam or Cat’s Eye – The gem of luck



Vaiduryam or Cat’s Eye


1. What is Vaiduryam or Cat’s Eye?

Vaiduryam or Cat’s Eye is one of the nine precious stones. Cat’s Eye relates to Planet Ketu. Ketu is said to have pious character unlike Rahu who is very malignant. It got the name due to its resemblance with the Cat’s Eye. Cat’s Eye can be identified by a light ray striking through the middle of the gemstone which looks like the eye of a cat. Lehsunia, Cymophane and Chrysoberyl or the other names of Vaidurya or Cat’s Eye. It comes in many colours but important are in the colours of honey, golden green and black. Black Cat’s Eye gives the same effects of the usual honey coloured one. One must see for cat’s eye effect when buying the gemstone.


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