What happens when Kumkum falls down?



Indian culture has rich culture and tradition with so many rituals. Certain things like kumkum and turmeric are the most important, used at the time of performing rituals. Kumkum is a red auspicious powder which is generally smeared on the forehead and to the idols or images of Gods and Goddesses.

Sometimes by mistake, when it falls down, many of them think that it is a bad omen. This is a myth and it is not true. It is no bad omen when kumkum falls down. If it falls down smear a little kumkum to the ground as the offering to mother earth. Take off the remaining kumkum and offer it to plants or trees nearby. It is a signal that Mother Earth is asking to propitiate her with Kumkum. So it is not a bad happening anyway. It is actually good when kumkum falls down during traditional rituals. That is a blessing of Her Almighty. So, there is no need to worry when this happens.

Jai Maha Kali

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