What is meant by Lakshmi kataksham?

Lakshmi kataksham

Lakshmi kataksham

The most important thing in this world is money. Based on the man’s nature he likes different forms of money. To get such type of money, Lakshmi kataksham is necessary. If there is no such type of kataksham there will be no sustenance of life for an average person to the king.

This katasksham is needed not only for human being but also the deities. Saving the world is the main drudgery for the goddess.


1. What are the Upanishads telling?

Upanishads are telling that “with the help of Lakshmi Devi only Lord Vishnu had become the savior” so because of goddess Lakshmi Devi only Lord Vishnu became the rescuer. For our sake, goddess Lakshmi doesn’t depart Lord Vishnu. Why because she controls the anger of Lord Vishnu when he get incensed seeing the offenders by telling why do you get frustrated? Is there any person in this world who is perfect without making a single mistake? If the father only punishes them then who will teach them with utmost love and respect? So describing the Lakshmi kataksham is not the worth of great scholars also.

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