What is the power of Ruby gemstone (Kempu)?

power of kempu
kempu stone

kempu stone

Gemology is directly linked to astrology as per the holy scriptures of India. Gems stones will set right the malefic planetary positions and drive off all the ill effects. The place of Surya or Sun in horoscope has the astrological significance of health benefits and abundance in life. Generally we see astrologers suggesting to wear particular gem stones. Ruby or Kempu or Manikyam is the red shiny gemstone that denotes the power of Sun.

Sun belongs to the sing Leo. So those who are born in Leo or in lagna of Leo can wear Ruby. Sun directly affects the health status of a person. What ever the place Sun is, in the horoscope, one can wear Ruby. One can wear Ruby during the transit of sun in the Horoscope. Those who are born on the dates 1, 10, 19 and 23 can wear Ruby.

Ruby should be tested for its clarity by the professional gemologists. Ruby will shine bright in morning sunlight, it changes colour and weight when immersed in milk and it will shine red in darkness also. Wearing impure Ruby leads to bad effects.

Wearing Ruby will bestow abundance, professional promotions, political fame, appraisals from higher officials and peacefulness in the family. Most importantly a pure Ruby will let the power of Sun god pass through you and makes you healthy. But any gemstone is subjected to the planetary positions in one’s horoscope. A qualified and highly professional astrologer’s advice should be taken before wearing Ruby.

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