When shouldn’t we take teertham and prasadam?



When shouldn’t we take teertham and prasadam?

Hinduism is a culture of appropriate timings for everything we do daily. It is asked to visit any nearby temple everyday at a particular time. And there is a tradition of taking teertham or the holy water in temple, mostly coconut water or water mixed with camphor and prasadam, the food item, mostly sweet, made at the temple and offered to the deity, then distributed among the devotees came to the temple.

Every moment in auspicious time to take teertham and prasadam but there are certain situations when we should not take them. Anyone is not supposed to take teertham and prasadam when unclean like not taken bath or not cleaned hands and feet after urination or excretion. Teertham and prasadam are not supposed to be taken without kumkuma or vibhuti on the forehead. Maternal women and at the time of periods women are not supposed to receive teertham and prasadam……


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