Why Married Woman Wear Black Beads (Mangal Sutra)?


Why Married Woman Wear Black Beads (Mangal Sutra)

Why Married Woman Wear Black Beads

A Hindu marriage symbolises not just coming together of two individuals, but also the bonding of understanding, commitment, mutual love, oneness and spiritual growth.

Hindu marriage demands sacrifice, companionship, dedication and devotion from both the partners. Each and every ritual associated with marriage portrays the real essence of the wedding.

According to the Hindu culture, there are five signs of the marital status of a woman.One of them is Mangal Sutra.

Mangalsutra, as such, is not just a jewellery item, but a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by married women, as a symbol of their successful marriage.

Mangalsutra is the token of dignity and respect given to a bride by her groom.

Married women are entitled to wear Mangalsutra throughout their life as it is believed that the practice enhances the well-being of her husband and family and cannot be shown in public.

Mangalsutra is thought to have divine powers. Each of the black beads in the Mangalsutra, signify protection from evil power and are believed to protect the marriage of a couple, Due to the mangal sutra, the consciousness of the husband in the form of Shiva remains always awakened in the woman.

Mangalsutra is symbolic of Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti. In this, gold is in the shape of Deity Shakti, and the structure of stringed black beads is in the form of Deity Shiva

Mangalsutra which is considered auspicious by the married women as they wear it till their death or their husband’s death.

1. Scientific Reason:

Dressed in a mangalsutra helps to reduce black energy waves there is distress like pain, giddiness, restlessness, etc.

mangalsutra is beaded with black beads and a thin wire of gold. The gold wire destroys the distressing vibrations present in the Universe through its Energy of the Absolute Fire element.

The black colour of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibrations before they can reach the bride and her family.

The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Just as each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, so does the woman has to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage.”

Due to the disintegration of the black energy attracted to the black beads, the woman is less affected by the evil eye.

The Sun-channel (Surya-naḍi) of the woman remains in an activated state because of which the Energy Principle inherent in it is awakened.

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