Why saffron is a holy colour in Hinduism?

Saffron Hindu
saffron is a holy colour in Hinduism

saffron is a holy colour in Hinduism

Saffron is the colour most usually worn by the sanyasis, yogis and by common people too, during rituals. Saffron or orange is considered as the most auspicious colour in Hindu religionism and spiritualism. There are reasons behind the brandishing of saffron colour among other colours.

Golden orange or Saffron is the colour of fire. Fire has a very prominent place in ritualistic traditions of Hinduism. Fire burns anything it touches. The same way saffron is the colour which denotes renunciation of material pleasures. The monks and sages of Hinduism wear Saffron clothes as a symbol of abstinence from all the material things, thoughts and pleasures. To the one who wore saffron there will be no differences regarding rich, poor, cast, creed, region, religion, elder, younger and any other thing that is related to material world.

The power of Kashayam or Saffron is as same as the fire or the bright light of sun god. Other religions which emerged out of Hinduism, such as Buddhism and Jainism took saffron as their religious colour and followed the same path of Hinduism though they contradict in many ways.


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